The Las Cascadas intentional community will be a group of like-minded people who want to live a comfortable, nature-based lifestyle, and who wish to be surrounded by others who see the world in a similar way. The community will be located in close proximity to the nature preserve, commercial village and other major attractions, with ease of access yet separate enough to afford privacy and tranquility.


The community will consist of approximately 100 homes, ensuring a small, tight-knit group of people who are able to function together effectively. By sharing the values listed herein, our neighbors will include kind-hearted souls who hold peace, health, honor, sustainability, and sharing in high regard. The community will be open to people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths, and beliefs, as long as everyone holds mutual respect for one another.


The homes will be located within a designated tract of land, allowing for each steward to have their own space and privacy, and will include common areas with gardens, food forests, communal eating space, recreational areas, and more. Members will have the opportunity to participate in regular community discussions, physical activities, meditations, readings, and musical jams. Community members will be able to enjoy unlimited access to the nature preserve, waterfalls, and all of the natural resources within the scope of the project, as well as discounted prices for any of the paid tours, activities, facilities, and education.

A self-created and internally-elected board will serve as a guiding body to ensure that the values of the community are respected on an ongoing basis. In order to create a successful and cohesive residential community, Las Cascadas has adopted a set of values that we believe foster an optimal environment for health, wellness, collaboration, sustainability, respect, and tranquility. The members of the community will all agree to embrace the same core values so that everyone sharing the space will feel confident that they are in good company. It is our goal to coexist as we strive for excellence, and we intend to do so by subscribing to the same ethics.


Peaceful Living


No community would be successful without a general sense of safety, respect, honesty, unity, and pacifism. As humans, we realize that we will always have some differences, but our objective is to minimize our perceptions of any division and strive for common love and appreciation of one another.

Some of our core beliefs stem from a few authors who propose several cherished ideas, such as Non-Violent Communication, Radical Honesty, and The Four Agreements. We would strongly encourage all community members to read these publications and agree to embrace the concepts therein when communicating and coexisting with other cohabitants.


Health and Wellness


As previously mentioned, health and wellness are the core focus of Las Cascadas. This is not to say that every community member need be in prime physical condition, but rather that we all hold the same vision of maximizing our health and supporting others to do the same.


In order to achieve optimal health, the food that we nourish our bodies with is of utmost importance. While we will not try to control what people choose to do with their lives, we will set a general standard that the food and drink consumed within the project remain free from any animal products, cooked and processed foods, alcohol and other intoxicants. Although it is not always entirely possible, we will strive to maximize the consumption of organic, local, fresh produce, with the intention of growing much of our own food.


We understand that some people may be on medication currently, but we’d endeavor to free all our members from pharmaceuticals and other man-made treatments. Drugs, supplements, and other unnatural substances conflict with the objective of optimal health and would not be appropriate for use within the project.

Sustainable Tourism


One of the foundational principles of any community is sharing. The land that will encompass this project is extremely rich in natural resources, intrinsic beauty, and recreational and educational opportunities. It would be a disservice to withhold this treasure from fellow humans, but it would also be detrimental to allow for misuse or disruption. With these ideas in mind, our goal is to establish a model of sustainable tourism that will allow guests to enjoy the land while ensuring minimal environmental impact.


A significant portion of the land that will be acquired for this project is currently used for animal agriculture, which results in significant environmental degradation due to the compaction of the land and the introduction of recycled chemicals and hormones being fed to the animals. By repurposing this land to become botanical gardens, biodiverse food forests and nature preserves, the carbon footprint of this area will be drastically improved, resulting in massive improvements in wildlife habitat, the reintroduction of native food-bearing plants, and a much more beautiful landscape for people to enjoy, respect, and feel compelled to protect.


Economic Development


Although our primary objective for this project is to establish a space for peaceful living, optimal health, and sustainable tourism, Las Cascadas will also serve as a tool to promote economic development for the local community, like-minded entrepreneurs, the general region, and beyond.


The construction of the project will generate significant revenue for the local surveyors, architects, engineers, contractors, laborers, transporters, inspectors, and vendors providing food, products, and services to those involved. The commercial village will also create many opportunities for people to generate income. Conscious-minded entrepreneurs will be invited to lease space to offer their goods and services to visitors and community members. Each existing business will likely create several new jobs for local residents, allowing for true economic expansion in an area that currently has very little opportunity. The combined aggregate of all the development-related revenue, ongoing business and employment opportunities, and future expansion of the project will lay the groundwork for a monumental economic boom, while maintaining the integrity of the local culture and the natural environment.